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Big Sky Land Resources is your all-inclusive land resource and tree clearing company in Montana, using the correct equipment to productively accomplish your job with efficiency and cost effectiveness in mind. Big Sky Land Resources implements its green-friendly environmental approach in every site preparation project. This includes the latest eco-friendly methods for land / tree clearing and property / ranch development. No job too big or small for this Montana land clearing expert service. Whether you want to clear a small portion on an acre or have thousands of acres to clear, Big Sky Land Resources’ years of experience and knowledge will serve you well.

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Big Sky LR is a Montana land resource and tree clearing company specializing in the following land management services:

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We also offer the following services:

Grading / Excavation
Road Building / Driveways
Home Site Preparation

Ranch Road Development
Livestock Water Development
Environmental Services

Spring Development
Culvert Installation
Ponds / Water Lines

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Proud to Implement a Green Environmental Approach in Every Land Clearing Project | Specializing in Projects in Southwest Montana

Tree removal icon showing pines and stumps

A forest tree mulcher is one of the new components to the “going green” movement. The forestry tree mulcher has been applauded for its eco-friendly methods that protect leave trees, and grass roots; while quickly enhancing land without demolishing the surrounding property. Damage to “leave” trees is prominently reduced because of the mulch bearer left behind. Unwanted trees, brush, and stumps are ground into mulch in one single step. The mulch is spread as evenly as possible over the complete cutting area. The mulch left on the ground preserves the soils nutrients and roots while preventing erosion and replenishing the topsoil base. The overall eco-system is protected with minimal ground disturbance and also speeds up Mother Nature’s natural decay process. This not only saves property owners and companies money on cleanup and rebuilding of the land that is part of the more traditional land clearing methods. Mulching is significantly faster and more cost effect than the traditional land clearing.

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